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the total to 44 states. and the c.d.c. said the percentage of people going to the hospital for treatment has doubled in the past month. we asked dr. jon lapook to give us the latest. >> reporter: the emergency in boston was declared after confirmed cases of flu reached 700. there were just 70 at this time last year. across the state, 18 patients have died. dr. barbara ferrer is the executive director of the boston public health commission. >> in the last two weeks alone we've doubled our number. so if we continue at this rate to see new cases, we'll have an explosion of flu in the city of boston. so we really need to get ahead of this at this point in time. >> reporter: and to do that, officials are urging vaccination for everyone six months and older. clinics will be giving free shots this weekend. lehigh valley hospital in pennsylvania is getting as many as 100 patients a day with flu- like symptoms. a tent has been set up to handle the less serious cases. nurse terry burger is in charge of infection control. >> we need a full functioning, active emergency department for the community, and
. in an update today, the c.d.c. reports a high level of flu in these 29 states and a moderate level in nine others. but health officials say it's not too late to get vaccinated, and dr. jon lapook has more on who should get the flu shot. >> reporter: this is 17-year-old max and his family on christmas day, hours after he came down with the flu. later he took a turn for the worse and was airlifted to a minnesota hospital. phil is max's uncle. >> it was really just a snowball effect over several days and doctors made a few brief periods of some progress but just were never really able to get ahead of things and his body just -- honestly just couldn't keep up. >> reporter: the flu virus can weaken a person's natural defenses. max, who did not get a flu shot, developed a bacterial infection and pneumonia. it caused his organs to shut down. he died on december 29. lynn finelli tracks flu for the c.d.c. >> influenza causes death often through its complications. especially in the elderly influenza causes death through pneumonia and through exacerbation of chronic underlying conditions. >> reporter
a decade. it has the cdc concerned and tonight, cities across the country and their hospitals are feeling the strain, and we haven't even reached the 50 yard line of flu season. emergency departments have become ground zero in the fight against the flu. at new york st. barnabus hospital the hallways are packed with patients. what's the status today? >> right now compared to last year at this time we've seen three times as many flu patients as we've seen all of last year. >> reporter: more than 50 cases a day of flu-like symptoms. is it fair to say you are overwhelmed? >> i'd say yes we're at overflow right now, we definitely are, we're very busy. >> reporter: patients like lawrence johansson. >> yesterday morning, fever, feeling terrible. >> reporter: you look like you feel lousy. >> i do. >> reporter: at brigham and women's hospital, 50 more already this year than all of last year. veteran e.r. doctor, dr. charles pazner. >> patients feel like they're run over by a bus, body aches, joint aches, feverish, oftentimes have sweats. >> reporter: in chicago hospitals are so overwhelmed with pa
official acknowledging the outbreak has reached a new level. >> if you look at the charts that the cdc put out on their website, it clearly has gone above that threshold. we are into what would classically be described as a flu epidemic. >> senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is live in ft. worth, texas, with what may be some good news. she has an early read on the new flu numbers that we're getting. elizabeth, what have you learned? >> the cdc every friday release the new flu numbers. i got an early look at them. as you said a little bit of good news. the flu activity in this country has gone down a bit. two weeks ago we were talking about 29 states having high levels of flu activity. now we're talking about 24 states having high level of flu activity. that is good news. now i want to talk about the numbers in a sightly different way. this gets confusing, so bear with me. we're seeing less flu in the united states, but it is spread out more. geographically it has spread out to more locations. so, to put that in terms of numbers, two weeks ago, 41 states were seeing widespread act
in there to check on her, and she was gone. >> reporter: the cdc said 18 of the affecting states are about to hit epidemic levels for the flu. things are likely to get worse. there are five more weeks before the end of this flu season. reporting from new york. >> abc2 news is your source for the very latest information on this flu outbreak as it continues. >> abc2 news linda so has been following the outbreak and has more on why this season is more dangerous. >> reporter: it's the type of flu strain. it's called the h3n2. that could be one of the reasons why we're seeing so many cases so early in the season. flu season typically peaks in february but many hospitals saw a spike in december. the numbers were way up. 875 patients came into the emergency room last month with flu-like symptoms. on any given day as many as 25 to 30 patients are being seen in the emergency department. the h3n2 strain has been known to make you feel more sick and cause more respiratory problems, especially in the elderly. >> it's not a new or novel flu strain when we had the swine flu that came out a couple years ago, bu
/7. call 1-800-progressive. >> tomorrow, the cdc will release its latest flu numbers. they expect a big jump. viruses considered widespread in 40 states. tracy potts has more on the flu frenzy in today's medical alert. >> in boston, the mayor declared a public health emergency. they have had 700 cases so far. >> that is 10 times the number of total cases we saw last year. >> they are offering free flu shots to combat what the cdc says could be one of the worst flu seasons we have seen in years. >> it was like something hit me like a truck. >> doctor visits have doubled in the last four weeks. some schools have closed. crowded emergency rooms are turning people away. this pennsylvania hospital set up a tent for the overflow. >> we can see them, and evaluate them, discharge them right from the tent. >> so far, at 18 children have died, including this 6-year-old from texas. >> she was daddy's girl. i do not know what to do. >> this north carolina hair salon is seen the impact on workers and customers. >> they are canceling appointments, rescheduling, coming in coughing. it has been bad. >>
the entire country, and the cdc is reporting now that they have classified 41 states as having what they call widespread flu activity. more than 2200 people hospitalized, 18 children, 23 adolescents, sadly have died nationwide. the percentage of people seeing their health care provider for flu-like symptoms has climbed sharply. from just under 3% the almost 6%, doubling in the last four weeks. last year's relatively mild season peaked. experts are calling this year's flu strikingly similar to the severe strain of 2003 and for resulting in more than 40,000 from related deaths. this season is just getting started. according to the cdc, increased selectivity could continue for up to two more months, persisting much as the h1 in one or swine flu pandemic of 2009 that resulted in nearly half a million deaths worldwide. meanwhile, hospitals across the country are reporting they are overwhelmed by the number of patients with influenza-like symptoms flooding their emergency rooms. one pennsylvania hospital has been forced to put up by huge mobil surged ten to to handle incoming slipcases. potentially
.s..../ has... formula's.../, 3 the... c.d.c... . says... there's... still enough vaccine... toogo around. 3 this particular strain of flu is nasty and has created a sudden surge in the demand for the vaccine... kathleen cairns has more... on how the baltimore reggon is coping.... &pkathleen. 3&p thissstrain offthe flu is strongg. the virus an llnger on meeal... and lastic... for up tooeight hours... that means the door knob you - touch.... couud be your ticket to a health disaater. the best advice... keep washing &pyour hands.. andget he flu -3 shot.. 3 -3 3 pon north carolinn st. ... 3 &p3 the flu either... they wont &p 3& the cdc is calling this the decade.... more then half the - ptate's report widespread outbreaks. everyoneeis urged to get the vvccine. kc oxx45 news at five. 3&pa company based out oo reno, nevada comes up ith a way to screen for breast cancer that it says is non-invasive... and extremely accurate. accurate.this bra... developed -3 byyffrst warning systems... reporteddy detects temperature c
the cdc on growing flu epidemic among children there have been 18 deaths reported so far this season. from coast to coast americans are waging a losing battle against the nasty flu strain. doctors overrun with patients are running low on flu shots and tests as the virus continues to spread. more than 180 million vaccine doses has been distributed worldwide but clinics can't keep up with demand. pharmacists are struggling to fill prescription drugs and schools across the country reports hundreds of children out sick. one school district in oklahoma canceled class after a quarter of the students became ill. >> when it hits you, it knocks you quick. >> one county in new york reports 2300 cases of the flu. last year at this time there, were 5 cases. cdc says the seasonal flu will cost businesses nearly 10 1/2 billion dollars in direct cost for hospitalizations and outpatient visits for adults and that doesn't include sick pay and work delays and overall lost productivity. is your place to go for all flu related questions you might have especially about the shots or remedies or
're better. see you tonight. fbn. >> eric: we have a fox news alert. the cdc just released new figures showing dramatic and dangerous statistics about this year's flu season that is raging across the united states. 47 states are now dealing with widespread outbreak of the deadly flu. this strain is now officially being called an epidemic. that new designate means more than seven in 100 deaths in the country are caused by the fires. the hardest hit in the midwest, minnesota, 27 people died. in the east, pennsylvania, 22 dead. and down south, 22 people have perished in south carolina. pretty sobering given that this may be another six to eight weeks for the season. we "fivers" want to tell you how we are dealing with the there. greg is handling it from bed. he is recovering and he will be okay. kimberly, we have home medications. how are you handling it? >> kimberly: there are quite a few missing at 6:00 tonight. i could use this at my house. the little guy last night at 1:30, sure enough. started, you know, throwing up. the whole deal. we went to the doctor's office. dr. michael ronin.
. the cdc reports widespread flu activity in nearly every state except california, mississippi and hawaii. why mississippi would be there in the middle of things and not have a wid spread. probably has more to do with reporting than reality. it was widespread in just 41 states in the previous week. in eastern oklahoma one school district canceled classes because nearly one quarter of the 650 students report they came down with the flu bug. and we reported about shortages of flu vaccine in some areas in the united states including the city of summerville massachusetts but the cdc director says calm down with that. the overall picture is good and folks have plenty of opportunities to get the shot. >> if you haven't been vaccinated and want to be, better late than never but call the preprovider ahead of time. most of of the more than 130 million doses produced by vaccine manufacturers this year have already been given. >> shepard: and it is still too early to tell how bad flu season may yet turn out. it already killed at least 20 kids across the country as i mentioned. jonathan, what are you
actually be starting to improve. the cdc just releasing brand-new numbers showing that those numbers that have been very high are declining in parts of the country, and maybe it's your part of the country. it is still a dangerous situation, though, just look at the map. the widespread activity has now spread to 47 states. the cdc's latest count shows that 20 children have now died across the usa, and if that is not bad enough, there are a few other less talked-about illnesses that are also sending a lot of people to the emergency room, those illnesses including whooping cough and a very nasty stomach bug, in fact, a norovirus, our senior medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen is in ft. worth, texas, and she's been tracking all three of these illnesses. i want to start with the most serious and the one creating the most headlines, this flu. so, we are seeing this slowdown that i just mentioned but the numbers are still high. put it in perspective for me, if you can today, elizabeth. >> reporter: do you know what, ashleigh, if you look overall at the whole country, the numbers have gon
is to ease some of the burden on hospital emergency rooms which are nearing capacity. the cdc is expected to release new numbers later today for an outbreak that is spreading across the country. this year's flu epidemic has hit the country hard and early. >> it seems like everyone around you is sick you're not alone. >> the flu numbers keep growing in minnesota. >> a lot of moms and dads are looking for flu shots for their kids. >> reporter: mississippi was first to report high flu activity in mid-november just six weeks later, 29 states did. adding to the misery manufacturers of tamiflu used to treat sick children and flu zone a widely used vaccine said supplies were running low or completely gone. this season's flu bug is particularly potent responsible for severe outbreaks in years past. >> there's something about the way the virus affects us that causes more disease and more inflammation inflammation. >> reporter: at massachusetts general hospital, the emergency room is packed and beds are full. how would you rate this season? >> this is certainly among the worst
suffering widespread flu problem. a short time ago, the c.d.c. released its latest numbers. 20 children have died and now 47 states reporting widespread influenza outbreaks, up from 47 the week before. and these conditions may persist for weeks. but those c.d.c. numbers lag by a couple of weeks and just the last 48 hours we've learned there are now 27 dead in minnesota, 22 in pennsylvania, 18 in massachusetts, 8 in oklahoma, 6 in illinois, in new york, two nursing home patients have died, and it's important to note that the elderly, the ill and the young are considered the most vulnerable. we are going to bring you more developments on this as we get them. well, terrifying new details emerging from a crime drama in los angeles, it sounds like a movie, but it's real. armed robbers burst into a clothing store late last night taking 14 workers hostage before they were rescued by an s.w.a.t. team early this morning. now, we're learning that at least some of the hostages were assaulted during the siege. trace gallagher has more live from los angeles, trace? >> yeah, this began, megyn, as an after
for disease control, after it had some -- you cited some data, i think that's probably from the old cdc studies. when those came out, the nra was upset and got congress to limit the funding. that's been a goal ever since because the nra argues those studies are biased and politically motivated. >> they talk about being 2.7 times more likely to be involved with homicide, 4.5 times or so more likely to be involved with suicide. one of the things about the whole notion of discrimination based on gun ownership, the affordable care act specifically says insurance companies can't discriminate period against gun owners or anybody, and we couldn't find evidence of that ever even being a problem. from the senators you have spoken to, is the broader issue that the nra lobbied for this because they want to separate guns from being a health issue? >> they argue, they say guns should not be considered a public health issue. they felt that researchers and doctors at the cdc and in the government have looked at guns as a pathogen, and they say that's unfair, that gun rights are protected in the second
begin with jonathan serrie in atlanta, where the cdc released the information. >> some are using the term "epidemic" the cdc avoids the term because each flu season is by nature an epidemic. while it remanes unclear how long this flu season will last and how severe it will become, the federal health officials insist it's not too late for americans to protect themselves. >> 47 states with widespread flu activity, cdc announced potential silver lining. flu cases are declining in some region, especially in the south which went to this season's flu season earlier than norm. epidemiologists won't know how accurate the data are until we move further from the holidays. >> a lot of clinics are closed and a lot of people don't go to the doctor or only go when they are sick. je to think about that when we look at the data. in a week or two, post holidays the data will smooth out a little bit to understand more about what is happening. >> the major flu virus is h3n2. it struck early in past years and often hitting hard. news report and stories from ant sick prompted in hold-out to get the l
and heart attacks. the cdc defines it as having four or more alcoholic drinks in one sitting. john roberts, he is live in atlanta which is home to the cdc. the feds sounding a serious warning here? >> they are sounding a serious warning. one of the reasons is because binge drinking could well beyond four drinks, average was six and most troubling was the prevalence among high school age girls. female high school students nearly 40% of them say they drink at some point during the average month. one in five high school students report binge drinking three times a month. it gets worse as they get older. by the time they reach the twelfth grade, two-thirds of students report binge drink. the problem is still very bad. one in five binge drink. white women reported the most and there is economic factor. highest prevalence making $57,000 a year or more. why is this all important? you alluded a little bit. 12,000 plus deaths per year among women because of binge drinking can lead to a terrible, violence, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, reduced brain function, unintended pregnancies and fetal
dangerous and potentially deadly. john roberts in our atlanta newsroom tonight. home of the cdc. hey, john. >> geographic to you, shep. those numbers particularly among high school girls are very troubling. believe it or not it gets worse as the get older. one in five figure for high school girls. by the time they get into college and working world. that number increases in one in four. the heaviest drinkers tend to be white women followed by hispanic women and as they get into the working world, they have more disposable enemy, more money to buy alcohol. the heaviest drinkers tend to have an income of $75,000 and above. now, all of this as can you imagine has serious potential health consequences. accord to the cdc, 12,000 young women die every year from binge drinking. and there are plenty of other things besides death disease-related to worry about according to dr. tom freidman who is the head of the cdc. here is what he tell me. >> when men and women binge drink they are more likely to have particular problems for girls. unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, violence,
of illness, this, on a very serious note is turning into a nasty flu season. the cdc saying there's widespread outbreaks practically everywhere in america. new numbers this morning. we're going to have practical advice for you from dr. jen ashton. >> not just the flu. but the whooping cough, as well. >>> this morning, mystery solved. we track down the man in the newly-discovered photo of young princess diana. the photo that was never supposed to be public. everybody's talk about this picture in the last couple days. >>> and true grit. the college football player who kept on playing. never missed a game, in fact. even during chemotherapy treatments. he beat cancer. last night, he led his team to the cotton bowl. coming up, the key role his mom played in all this. >>> and first, there's a lot of news overnight. and for that, we turn to ron claiborne. >> hi, dan. hi, bianna. trying to get in sync with you. we begin with the developing story overnight. lance armstrong's lawyer is denying a report that he, armstrong, is going to admit to doping. he has told associates and anti-doping o
. 18 children around the country have died from this disease. according to the cdc 41 states reporting widespread flu activity. since october, 2200 people in the hospital because of the flu. in fact, it's so bad in boston as we reported yesterday they declared a public health emergency there. robert bazell joins me more. the cdc is expected to come out with new numbers on this tomorrow. how bad is it expected to be with the new revelation of numbers? >> we have to put this in perspective. don't forget, we have the spine flu in 2009, and 2010, 289 children in total died. the cdc doesn't take track of adults. it would be possible to do that. in addition to the flu, there's a couple other things going on. there's a lot of other viruses circulated this time of year. so everything that is flooding emergency rooms is not just flu. it's also other respiratory diseases. one called norovirus which causes a lot of gastrointestinal problems. it's the flu season will not be as bad as 2003, 2004. will it peak in the next few weeks, but right now, it's pretty bad. >> for those who may have not gotte
season is officially here. but it may be hard for you to find a flu shot right now. according to the cdc there is a shortage of the flu vaccine and tam ma flu for kids. the shortage blamed on an early start to the flu season and so many more cases of the flu. now according to the cdc between september and december more than 22,000 flu cases were reported. the cdc says this season could be the worst in a decade. and doctors say if you do get a flu shot, it takes up to two weeks for it to become effective. >>> the suspects in a bizarre plot in pittsburgh in the east bay can be released from jail by the end of the day. so far prosecutors have -- police say a young woman plotted with her lover and three others to commit a home invasion robbery. they say it was an attempt to scare the map and make him want to move out of the couples home. the plot turned deadly when the husband fatally stabbed the man that broke into the home. >>> two families are suing oikos university over last years deadly shooting rampage in oakland. seven people died when suspected gunman juan koe opened fire on the sch
at 0 tte... c.d.c.... predicts bb 2015.../ more than... half the people... living with h.i.v.... . will bb enior the flu season is off to a bad t startin illinois on monday... ... eleven different hossiiaas stopped taking non-emergency patients in their e- r's...because of influx of flu outbreak in oston prompted officials to deccare a public health eeergency... casey says: "tte train ttat's out there that's causing a lot of tte cases is a more virulent strain than some others. so,,as a result more with symptomm bad enough to warrant theirr isit to the emergency department." department."the c-d-c sayss fortyy-ne statts have have 3 ... nothing wwll maae you - feel better.but some people are taking commort n finding someone to blamee plamm. p3 carrie peirce... exppains... how... facebook can help.../ in... tonights worr on the web. &pweb. 33 ii you hhve the flu...a new app can help you track down which friend is spreading the b. bug. "help, i ave he flu," lets ffcebook uuers find who's spreading influenza ased on ffr words like "flu" might have checked also
! woof! some things will. >>> this year's flu season is hitting our nation hard. the cdc reporting more than 40 states with widespread outbreaks. >> that number could go higher when the agency releases new numbers later today. fox5's sherri ly is live at washington hospital center this morning. sherri, how is our area faring? >> reporter: we already know the numbers are alarming across the country and here as well. people are swamping the hospitals, trying to get care. d.c. is reporting more than 300 confirmed flu cases. that's triple the number they had for all of last season. maryland and virginia are also reporting unusually high numbers and that's caused a run on the flu vaccine. doctor's offices and pharmacies are running short. some don't have any at all. the first cases showed up in this area in october. it's spreading fast. people are going to three and four places before they can find the vaccine. some health care providers who ran out do expect to get more in the next few days, but others aren't sure if they can get any more at all. >> the season started early this year, and w
. but the cdc estimates flu kills an average of 24,000 people a year. health experts say it's too soon to predict whether this year will be above average, but it certainly started way early. jonathan serrie is live in atlanta, home to the cdc. any word on an end to this? it sounds like it's getting better down south. >> well, you know, that's the strange thing. although flu is widespread in most states, there are early reports suggesting that flu activity may actually be decreasing in some parts of the country. including parts of the south. that could simply be because of lower reporting. people usually put off doctor visits during the holidays except in extreme emergencies. cdc officials say they need a couple more weeks before they can say for sure whether flu activity is actually decreasing in these parts of the country. shep. >> shepard: vaccine supply plentiful, right? >> it is plentiful but so -- there is so much demand for the vaccine now that the cdc is receiving reports of spotty shortages. so, if the first place you check is out of vaccine don't be surprised but don't give up
, both directly and in partnership with the nih, the cdc, and other leading organizations is committed to supporting a wide range of independent medical and scientific research that will both address cte and promote the long-term health and safety of athletes at all levels. >>> major league baseball announced today that starting this year, it's going to test players' blood for human growth hormone, called hgh, during the season. that's going to become the first american sport to do so. it's a significant tipping point. it comes a day after the announcement that for the first time since 1996, no one is getting inducted into the baseball hall of flame. "and the inductees are" -- and the page was empty. the three most well-known players up for induction, sammy sosa, barry bonds, have all been accused of using steroids. will these players eventually get into the hall of flame or not? here's the thing. there's a significant chance this year's snubs will never get enough votes, which could be a painful thing, given that it appears that they had total hall of fame careers, before any steroid
18. 18 people have died from the flu. let's look at the map again. c.d.c., centers for disease control information on where the flu is hitting. these 29 states are reporting what they call high ili activity through the end of december. ili stands for infleew like flu season. >> it seems to be starting sooner than most flu seasons and the strain of flu that's spreading, tends to be social with earlier and more severe flu years. >> reporter: doctors say you can still get a flu shot, it takes about two weeks to become effective and could give you protection this year, to give you a sense how quickly the flu is spreading nationwide, the c.d.c. says at the beginning of december, about 3% of patients going to the doctor had flu-like symptoms, 3%. that jumped to about 5 1/2% by the end of december. and we can compare that to last flu season, which was said to be relatively mild. at the peak of flu season last year, about 2.2% o
of this. >> reporter: we are anticipating a cdc tell louisiana briefing in about half an hour. while 47 states are now reporting wide-spread flu activity cdc officials are expected to balance this with some early indication that in some parts of the country, particularly the south that was hit hard by the flu very early in the season, that there are some early indications that flu activity is actually decreasing in some of these parts of the country. still, concerns over this year's moderate to severe flu season have prompted many patients to seek vaccination within the past couple weeks. listen. >> we are keeping up with the demands, we certainly have seen a much higher need for it this year versus last year, but we are doing our very best to keep all the clinics with all the age-appropriate flu vaccine dozes available to the population. >> also some perspective to give you on the reporting. cdc gathers data from the various state health departments. there is a one-week lag in the reporting, which is why often the numbers will not match some of the antidotal stories that you're hearing
are seeing that early uptick. >> reporter: we're hunting down the flu virus. the cdc told me that in high flu states, 70% to 80% of the coughs around you right now are from the flu. each cough, sneeze or conversation puts flu into the air and into your lungs. it lands on railings, in the diner. everyone touches the salt and pepper shakers. on the atm and on every door you touch. flu virus can survive two to eight hours on plastic or metal. parking meter. how many people have touched this one? like on the bus. if someone was flu touched this three hours ago, i could pick it up on my hand. hands take it to straight to the nose and mouth. watch this. we recorded a meeting and counted how many times people unconsciously touched their face. over 25 minutes, the highest number? 44. and there are new tools to track flu. social media, like that google flu tracker. a facebook app that tries to find which friend gave you the flu. and flu near you, which has 20,000 volunteers who are tracking their symptoms. down to their zip codes. >> you see influenza move from the south and california, but in fact, t
. >>> there is new research in from the cdc this week, showing an increase in the number of american women who binge drink. the number is now 1 in 8 women. so, we wondered, why the increase? and we want to show you some photos designed to give a warning about how this health problem can also change the way you look. abc's sharyn alfonsi. >> reporter: holly used to be one of them. as a teenager, she admits she used to go on wild drinking binges with her friends. >> disgusting. and you are encouraging each other, sitting there going, it's okay, just do it, just do it, fast and telling each other tips on how to drink it faster so you don't taste it. >> reporter: holly's exploits among those featured in the documentary "faded." the cdc says 14 million women bring drink three times a month. drinking about six drinks each time. and the problem's worse overseas. the scottish government is attacking their growing female drinking problem with an app, offering this glimpse to women of what they'll look like if they keep drinking regularly. take your picture, say how much you drink
vaccine is a critical tool in fighting cancer. the cdc recommends all men and women into their 20s get the hpv vaccine. three doses over the course of at least six months. but for the vaccine to have the greatest benefit, the cdc recommends vaccinating both boys and girls beginning at ages 11 and 12. why so early? the vaccine needs to be given before a young person becomes sexually active to give the body a chance to build antibodies to fight hpv once a person is exposed. >> the belief is that the vaccine is an investment in the young person's future. and if we start to vaccinate people, and we only have 32% of girls vaccinated at this point, we'll see those rates drop over the next ten years or so. >> and perhaps keep the good news on cancer coming. nancy, thank you, as always. >>> we'll take a break. we're back in a moment with the big homecoming tonight on the jersey shore. >>> as you listen to congress fight over the funding for victims of hurricane sandy, remember this, and remember the story you're about to see. it's been 70 days since the storm, and today was move-in day for a l
to work with american and they came in and said per charge, particularly carl johnson from the cdc. and you found african colleagues to collaborate with them fellow belgians who came a little bit later after you've been there a while. tell me what you learned and 76 that guided you forward about international cooperation. >> i discovered where it came from, that means they had financially intact weekly were far inferior to what was available here in the u.s. where's i resented that he had isolated the virus and then the folks cdc came and said okay were taking over, so i resented that. it's absolutely true. but then i saw that i could learn so much. i really still grateful for him. it was not only the u.s., or deflating some of these jokes, there is a frenchman and a south african and a bridge and a belgian and some congolese and a plain. what happened, what do you do? the power of coming up from different perspectives, but i was very impressed by the technical superiority in strategic superiority of the american colleagues. so why was there i said i want to go to america and learn
, head and neck.ll that's an effective vaccine. in fact, two of them the c.d.c. recommends for both boys and girls. but only about a third of girls are getting all three doses, you need three doses in order for it to be totally effective of that vaccine so the national cancerat institute said today and dr.he varmus today me specifically there's room for improvement. >> pelley: only a third. doctor, thanks very much. the flu season is off to a bad start. the latest numbers from thes of c.d.c. show that the season ist getting worse. in the last week of december, 41 states reported flu was widespread, that's ten more than st the week before. flu can be dangerous. at least 18 children have died so far. the secretary of state gets a welcome-back gift. what was in the box? when we come back. the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. th hotwi's low pces,we can aord to te an
-- an update from the cdc on the flu season. >> hello. oh my god. >> this is the video prank that has gone a barrel. a virginia man made it appear like nobody was inside his car and made it through various drivers. you have to check this out. good morning washington begins right now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute rise and shine, washington. it is friday, january 11. >> agreed to have you along. we will start out what jacqui jeras and talk about temperatures, a little bit chilly. >> alert but cooler than yesterday. still not a lot to complain about. temperatures overall will be above average yet again for today. let's take a look our winds because we do have some of changing weather in the next 24 hours. cloudy skies are expected this afternoon with late date showers. you can expect that by your drive home. that should drive -- dry up overnight tonight. temperatures now 30 in manassas, 39 in d.c., 30 four in gaithersburg. -- 34 in gaithersburg. we will warm up to the upper 40's and more 50's
on this map, the cdc is reporting the most severe cases of the flu. maryland and virginia are included and now the rush is on to get a flu shot causing many places to run out. the good news in all of this is that many places are getting new shipments of the vaccine within the next few days so keep checking. >> the cdc is expected to update the nationwide numbers on the number of flu cases today and those numbers could climb even higher. at last count, 18 children have died from the flu this season and more than 2,000 children are hospitalized. >> we have run out. we ordered about 12 or 1300 doses expecting it would be a rough year since last year was so mild and we ran out just about a week ago. >> doctors say emergency rooms should be a last resort since they are already seeing an overwhelming number of patients. >>> inova hospitals are scheduling extra flu vaccination clinics in response to the demand. there is one tomorrow at inova fairfax hospital from 9:00 a.m. until noon in the women's health atrium. if you still need to get your flu shot, check with your local hospital to see if they wi
. >> coming up this morning, new numbers out due today from the flu outbreak and cdc find out how it is spreading and what's being done to keep you and your family safe all ahead on this friday. >> i am megan pringle alongside charley crowson a lot to talk about today of course. we are going to mention a little football game that's happening tomorrow. for those of you heading to denver you want to know about the weather. but for those heading out the doors let's start there mike. >> what's going on? >> it's pretty chilly. 35 degrees. calm wind at around 7:26. 44 in baltimore city. outside the beltway into the 30s. fred list 38. the weather headlines -- frederick is 38. the weather headlines, it turns foggy tonight and turns into a mild ride through the weekend. temperatures into the 60s. notice the clouds on top of us now. back to the south and west, a big area of low pressure over parts of indianapolis drawing in the moisture and warmth to the south. notice some showers work on maryland's most powerful radar around roanoke and charleston and these are the showers in the viewing a
tracking this? how were you able to note that this particular strand is as bad as it is? guest: the cdc based in atlanta is the main agency of the federal government and in the world who doesn't disease tracking. they have capabilities of determining the relative percentage of visits and different types of clinics throughout the country that are related to what we call influenza-like influence -- and this is. they do testing among them to determine if it is influenza or another type of respiratory infection. what they have shown from the very beginning all of all of this is that we're having an upsurge in the number of percentages of visits that are related to influenza-like illness, and when you examine that, they successfully identified what kind of influence that it is, and they know really what this strain is. that is important. one of the things in this massive relatively sobering news is the good news is the influences strain circulating throughout society in the united states are very well matched to the vaccine that has been distributed, and that is a very powerful all demand fo
is as bad as it is? guest: the cdc, which is based in atlanta, is the main agency of the federal government and in the world who does disease striking, so they have capabilities of determining the relative percentage of visits in different types of clinics throughout the country that are related to what we call influenza-like illnesses. then they do testing among them to determine if it actually is influenza or if it is another type of respiratory infection. what they have shown from the beginning of all this, like i said, which started at the end of november and beginning of december, is that we are having an upsurge in the number of percentages of visits that are related to influenza-like illness. they have successfully identified what kind of influence it is and they know exactly what the strain is. that is important, because one of the things in this mass of sobering news is good news that the influenza strains that are circulating throughout society in the united states are very well matched to the vaccine that has been distributed. that is a very powerful argument for getting vaccinat
. according to cdc, as many as 50,000 people may die from this flu and it's still getting worse. we'll talk to dr. sanjay gupta about how to protect yourself in a moment. >>> first, another shooting at another school. this time in california. it happened on the same day the white house held meetings on ways to curtail gun violence. we'll have all of the details on the meetings in a moment, but let's get the latest on the shooting. authorities say the student showed up late to class with a 12-gauge shotgun. allegedly shooting one classmate, missing a second intended target. the alleged gunman is now in custody. we're joined at taft union high school. about two hours north of los angeles. someone who saw the gunman heading towards the school. >> reporter: it's really important to trace this back, anderson. because this is a boy who lived in the neighborhood. he lives in walking distance of the high school. this is a small community. everybody knows each other. this mother whose student also goes to the high school, she saw this young boy walk right by her. she saw him carrying something, but
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